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For over 40 years, GTI has led agricultural innovation with excellence and cutting-edge technology in seedling production and transplanting services. Now, we’re inviting you to be part of this dynamic journey! Whether you’re interested in the science behind nurturing plants to their fullest potential or the strategic maneuvers that drive a successful agricultural enterprise, our internships offer a gateway to hands-on experience and mentorship from industry experts.

Our Summer 2024 Internship opportunities will include IT Applications, R&D, Greenhouse Special Projects, Sectional Growers, Operations Analysts, and more!


  • Hands-on Experience:
    Dive into the heart of our dynamic and innovative agricultural environment, gaining valuable hands-on experience that will set you apart in the industry.
  • Mentorship & Professional Development:
    Collaborate closely with top talent within the industry, receiving tailored guidance and mentorship to develop expertise in Agribusiness.
  • Comprehensive Learning & Real-World Impact:
    Dive into diverse facets of seedling production and transplanting, spanning areas like plant science, horticulture, food safety, and business, while contributing to impactful projects directly shaping the company’s success.
  • Networking Opportunities:
    Build connections within the agricultural industry and expand your professional network, opening doors to future career opportunities and collaborations.
  • Potential for Growth:
    Explore potential career paths and opportunities for advancement within GTI, as we invest in your development and help you reach your full potential.
  • Competitive Compensation:
    Receive competitive pay for your valuable contributions to our Team.

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