Onion WorldOnion World July/August 2011
Transplanting has long been reserved for cole crops, tomatoes, and bare root onions. Automated planting technology now provides a cost effective way to transplant onions from plugs grown in greenhouses for up to 30 percent increased yields and up to 50 percent lower labor costs.

Tomato WorldTomato Magazine April 2011
In the agriculture industry, there is a constant pressure to innovate and to find new ways of increasing profitability while addressing growing public environmental concerns. Growers Transplanting, Inc, the largest processed tomato transplant/seeding producers in the United States, is doing just that.

California's Stevia Growers Bet of Fast Track to Sweetener Success
NPR, February 6 2012

Stevia Could be a Sweet Deal for Salinas Greenhouse Operation
The Salinas Californian, March 9 2012

Double the Shelf Life Reported for Brassicas
Fresh Plaza, July 12 2012

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