The vision of Growers Transplanting's founders was to operate an all-inclusive greenhouse and transplanting operation. Not only would we grow superior vegetable transplants, but we would plant them as well. Growers Transplanting utilizes nearly every type of transplanting technology currently available on the market.

In 1981, Growers Transplanting became the first to implement automated transplanting machinery in the field and remains the only automatic transplanting system available for year- round production in California and surrounding states. We are capable of transplanting on virtually any bed configuration or plant spacing our customers may require, either with our automated or mechanical transplanting machines.

Transplanting technology currently in use by Growers Transplanting includes finger and carousel planters, the Automator and the AutoPlanter- a fully automated tomato transplanting machine and the first of its kind in the US market.

Growers Transplanting has expanded its list of crops available for transplant from cole crops to tomatoes to now over twenty different commodities that can be planted using Growers Transplanting's automated technologies.

Growers Transplanting owns two types of semi-automated transplanting technologies that we use in addition to traditional transplanting machines: