Over the years, Growers Transplanting has accomplished a number of industry firsts, including the introduction of new technologies and new ways of doing business. We have set the bar high for ourselves and are in constant pursuit of new projects and challenges, whether for our own operations, for our customers, or as partners in a new endeavor.

A few past and current projects:

  • We brought the AutoPlanter from the UK and modified it for use on both cole crops and tomatoes.
  • We introduced onions to the transplanting market and are transplanting them with automated technology- which had never been done.
  • Stevia Production.
  • We are conducting ongoing researching biofuels and hydroponics.
  • Grafting.
  • Berry propagation and transplanting.
  • Trees.

However, the sky is the limit and we welcome any special projects or challenges related to transplanting new crops, transplanting, greenhouse technologies, or any other agricultural endeavor.