Growers Transplanting, Inc. was established in 1981, now celebrating over 30 years of industry leadership. What started as a 400,000 square foot operation has expanded into one of the largest field operations in California, with 5.5 million square feet of fully inclusive vegetable producing greenhouses. GTI has developed automated technology unique to the industry and continues to explore further advances in areas such as hydroponics and biofuels.

To closely control operations and continuously maximize quality, we mix our own soil rather than using generic pre-mixed soil and utilize specially modified trays to allow for better root development in our plants. Our attention to detail throughout the entire transplanting process provides endless opportunities to introduce creative solutions and new methods to the industry.

Our unique attitude toward our customers defines our company culture at Growers Transplanting and enables us to transcend perceived obstacles and to turn them into opportunities. We believe that putting in the effort to genuinely understand our customers’ needs will facilitate a successful, long term partnership.

Charles Kosmont

Charles KosmontMr. Kosmont's involvement with Monterey Peninsula Horticulture (the parent company of Rocket Farms and Growers Transplanting) began in 1984 while he was a partner of the venture capital fund that financed MPH's technology development. He is Chairman and CEO of MPH and its largest shareholder.

Mr. Kosmont is also Chairman of Steven Robert Original Desserts, Fabes Natural Gourmet, and Next Pharmaceuticals.

Mr. Kosmont received his MBA from the Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California and his Bachelors of Science from the University at Albany. He is a graduate of the California Agricultural Leadership Program.